Born and raised in Connecticut, educated at the University of Miami, Eric Bradley began his professional career in Chicago touring in an a cappella group. After coming off the road he pursued his other loves of voice-overs and improv comedy at the Second City Conservatory. He then moved to Los Angeles and began singing in another a cappella group. It was in this group that he met a handful of session singers who would change his life. He began singing on films, television shows, commercials, and albums and has never looked back.


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“…Eric Bradley is one of those people I would always want at the core of whatever group I was given the gift of hiring for a project. His sound, his pitch, his musicianship, his quick sight-reading skills – all are top-notch. But his spirit of cooperation, his team spirit, his attentive demeanor on the set, and his smile across the mic – his caring spirit seems to be infectious! Everyone just seems to work a little harder and a little more focused, along side him!  He’s one of the very, very best, and always one of the first calls I make!”
- Sally Stevens, Vocal Contractor

“I have been singing with Eric in a quartet called the Vantastix for 15 years now. When I first met him we assumed he would be singing bass as he is a basso profundo. But realizing that we already had two basses, Eric volunteered to sing the high tenor part. We laughed, until he did it…and did it well. In addition to his perfect ear, the other sounds that have come out of his mouth continue to knock me out. He is a human sound effects machine! He is always a joy to work with and his sharp wit on and off stage always keeps me laughing. Eric has a great outlook on life and along with the other guys in the group, they have turned my golden years into pure platinum!”
Dick Van Dyke, Actor
“Eric Bradley, besides the distinction of being LA’s best and rangiest bass voice, is also one of the most musically intelligent problem-solvers I’ve ever observed. His ideas and fixes are consistently original, perfectly executed and always “on story.” He also happens to be the most pleasant and personable colleague I’ve ever had. His work with me on The Break-Up defined the sound from the very first demo to the final cut. It was sheer luck for me to have Eric on hand for that complicated project, and anyone who has ever worked with him feels the same. Not to mention an incredible, rather annoyingly good-looking live performer to boot! Eric Bradley is Top Drawer, First Class and First Call.”
John Michael Higgins, Actor, The Break-Up, Pitch Perfect
“I first met Eric Bradley in a singing group called Sixth Wave. It was not only my first introduction into the LA scene, but to incredible singers such as Eric. I was amazed at his talent, his voice and the integrity that makes him the respected person and singer that he is. I remember thinking that this guy can do anything. He sings any style, has solid pitch and loves singing so much that the emotion seeps out from all sides. I’m excited to still be making music with one of the most talented bass/baritone singers in the business. I not only recommend Eric but commend his excellence of musicianship.”
Gerald White, Session Singer, Voice Teacher
“I have been working with Eric for many years and with his sonorous broad voice he has been my number one choice for all of them. His ability to sight-read and sing any style of music from Jazz, Broadway, Rock and Classical is a delight. In addition to being an amazing whistler, he can also imitate many different voices which makes him the perfect choice for Jingles, Cartoons, Movie Scores and anything in between.”
Dominik Hauser, Producer
“Eric Bradley is one of the most talented and proficient singers I’ve ever worked with. Not only does he have a beautiful voice, he is also extremely professional, always on time and ready to do his best for every project he’s involved with. I’ve been working with Eric for 12 years, and he is always my first call when I need a great vocalist. On a personal level, he is such a delight to work with! His energy is always high and positive and his sense of humor brings smiles to all around him. I recommend Eric to anyone who’s looking for a singer who’s professional, dedicated and a team player!”
Sharon Farber, Television and Film Composer


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